Pentax K5 vs Olympus EM-5 high iso test

This is not a professional review. Just a few pics taken with different cameras at high iso sensibility.

Pentax K5 + Asahi Pentax 28mm f3,5 M (old manual lens)
Olympus EM5 + Panasonic 14mm 2.5

Both lenses were used in Manual Focus mode, with white balance set to Tungsten, Fstop 3,5. Both cameras shot in jpeg with all noise reduction set to OFF.

Let’s start!

First picture, mixed objects:

Pentax K5 6400iso
Em5 6400iso
Em5 6400 Iso

K5 6400 iso 100% Crop
EM5 6400iso 100% crop
Em5 6400 Iso 100% crop

Test 2, a cat 😀

K5 6400 Iso
EM5 6400 iso
K5 6400 iso 100% crop
EM5 6400 iso 100% Crop
Em5 6400 Iso 100% crop

K5 12800 iso (to me K5 does much well on susy’s fur, colors are more accurate)
EM5 12800 iso
Em5 12800 Iso

And finally, just to push my K5 to the limit i tried a 25.600 iso shot:

K5 25.600 iso
K5 25.600 iso 100% crop

So what about m4/3 sensors can’t handle high iso? It’s not a secret anymore, but this is just another example. And please, do tell me that you ALWAYS shoot over 6400 iso, because of course you do! 😉

Gallery here:

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